Graham Letorney
Brooklyn, NY

Graham Letorney is a New York City-based designer and entrepreneur. Graham got an early start at the age of 13, memorizing fonts and coding websites as an apprentice to the art director of a classic Land Rover parts business and popular Land Rover Magazine his father started in rural Vermont. While not known as a typical incubator for design and business, the thriving "build it ourselves" environment gave him a solid foundation of empathy and an eye for community building. Following a few degrees in Business, Economics, and Photojournalism, Graham moved to the city to work for Magnum Photos, National Geographic Society, powerHouse Books, blogged for and later co-founded a thriving startup, Currently, Graham is a UX Lead at Shutterstock and remains focused on using software to enable the modern creative class to impact the world, one personal story at a time.

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Graham Letorney

Photographer based in the Boston area, married to the artist Catherine Bertulli and living near my two adult children.
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